The ACS was founded in 2019 by a team of community development enthusiasts and professionals who wanted to make a lasting difference in their community.

Many people in Europe or any other part of the world face unique challenges, which only they themselves can understand. Most of these people have dependents who are relatives and friends back from their countries of origin. Others find it hard to get into their careers of choice in their host countries and have to settle for jobs that are well beneath their qualifications while many others struggle to gain status to work and study without immigration restrictions.

Besides, we have those of us who are committed to changing the social-economic situations in our home countries through different community projects. It is against this background that The ACS-UK was set up to offer support and help members of the diaspora communities in Europe to make most of their potentials here and back in their home countries.

It is worth noting that all the projects that we do are in direct response to identified needs by the members and must have volunteers ready and willing to take part in the identified projects.

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