ACS-UK does deliver government and business to business contracts in the training and vocational qualifications in various fields. Through the experience and skills from its staff and partners we also deliver consultancy in training and recruitment, project design & evaluation, policy research & report writings, legal & partnership agreements, proposal & fund raising project planning and delivery.

In Kenya, the company is also involved in general business undertakings for example business supplies, marketing and hospitality services, real estate, business infrastructure development among others. It has so far individually or in partnership with other organisations carried out a number of consultancy work across public sector, civic society and private businesses.

Examples are a recent project evaluation on a Somalia based project on women empowerment programme. Also another recent study was on the Public Service Commission (Kenya Government) Consultancy Services to evaluate achievement levels on its service delivery to the members of the public; Government of South Sudan [Ministries of Finance and Planning) on Rapid Assessment on the Critical Function in Four Institutions in the; Labour and Public Service Management, Petroleum and Mining and the Bank of South Sudan.

In the UK we have helped carry out project reviews and evaluations for grants funded programmes, helped support establishment of training and recruitment businesses as well as bid writing and report writing.

Overall the company has been able to undertake this because of its solid financial and professional grounding. We have a database of close to 50 Consultants from University professors, public sector senior practioners, to top NGO researchers and academicians in the UK and abroad.

ACS Limited prides itself with five in-house leading researchers and consultants on matters related to Education, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development; Performance Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, environmental policy and management, quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, e-learning, Gender Mainstreaming, Project Management among other interests. Our pool of consultants has consulted widely for government, private sector as well as non-governmental organizations.

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