Good news! We can now recruit directly to over 25 UK universities across the UK at no charge to prospective students.

 Our services in our Kenyan offices include helping prospective students find the most suitable course for them and comparing course fees across all selected universities for the best value for money.

 The pre-location service also includes checking to make sure the applicant meets the minimum admission requirements to minimize wasting time and money; providing IELTS tuition where required, applying for the preferred university and course as well as passport and visa application support.

 Our services also include using UK university graduates to provide first-hand information on what to expect when they relocate to the UK for their studies which include advice on legal working hours, and financial advice, and planning to ensure they don’t run out of pocket money while in the UK.

 Our office in the UK will continue to support you post-relocation and onto the university should they need further support to settle in the new country which includes help with finding a part-time job while you carry on with your studies or post studies work through the new UK scheme of 2 years post-study work permit.

 In short and brief we will be with you from the day you make your first inquiry to the day you return to the country or find a way of settling into the new country.

For more information please email  Tel: 020 3659 5251