This is a family-centered program aimed at supporting young local boys who are disengaged and are at risk of offending or re-offending.

We work with a family-friendly team of trained youth workers to help turn around the lives of young people who erstwhile would end up being kicked out of school, joining gang crime or drugs dealer and ultimately being on the wrong side of the law or going to prison.

For all our referrals we aim to establish a common ground between the youth and the parents or guardian and where possible alongside other professionals to help agree on a workable interventional program that the young person can be enrolled in.

Other parties who may or may not be involved in our cases include:

  • School;
  • Local police
  • Council’s youth offending team
  • Probation service

Our mediation service is based on willing parties who cooperate to reach an amicable solution and a bilateral action plan that works for both parties.

Referrals to our service can either be through self-referral by the young person or the affected family. Also, a referral can be through friends, a local community organization, a religious organization, or a youth center is known to the young person or family.

Sometimes other agencies are involved in referring the clients to us. They include the local police, local council’s youth offending team or local schools.

Young people who are referred to us must agree to take part in the mediation and corrective measures agreed between the parties involved.

Beneficiaries cannot be forced to take part in the program.

Beneficiaries who sign up for our service must agree to keep up to the action plan and meet their obligation failure to which our organization withdraws from the service.

All our services are completely confidential and any disclosure must be justified and a declaration made where such information is to be shared with any relevant authority.

For more information please email or call 0203 6595 251