We constantly organise events in our neighborhood to help residents network more with each other and create a feeling of togetherness.
Find out what events we are currently planning and look back with us on past events.

New Career Training Projects and NVQs

Many marginalised communities are under represented in the job market mainly due to lack of basic skills such as literacy and numeracy and other basic training in specialised careers such as security, health and social care and cleaning.
We also help people to get placements to be able to enrol into the NVQ courses as many would not be legible if they do not have a placement to do the course.
The following courses help our target communities to help them get into employment.
-Introduction to Health & Social Care
-Security Training
-Teaching Assistant
-Skills for life (literacy & numeracy)
-NVQs in: Health & Social Care, Business &
-Administration, Customer Service and
-Leadership & Management
More people getting into employment through training and employment support.
means better living standards!
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or email us on info@ics-uk.org

Community Domiciliary Care Project

Ethnic minority groups face difficulties in getting carers who meet their individual needs and preferences.
Particularly, many carers who come from other ethnic backgrounds cannot help with shopping or cooking because of differences in cultural and religious backgrounds.
This project aims at training specialist carers from the same cultural and religious backgrounds as service users, such as from Muslim and African communities to help deal with this growing problem within the care sector.
Our trained domiciary care workers are then assigned to particular service users to help with homecare support.
This will help to deliver personalised care to our service users with minimal stress and therefore improve the quality of healthcare provided within the community.
The end results for us is: Happy service users who enjoy the services of a care agency that values individual differences, personal needs and preferences.
For more information call us on 07939199668 or email us on info@ics-uk.org

Skills Rehabilitation Project

The project helps to improve the chances of long-term unemployed local people from the UK getting into employment through an arranged work placement whereby volunteers will be sent to an EU country to experience new cultures and to learn new skills.
Long term unemployed people have an opportunity to volunteer and share their skills in a european country to gain work experience and improve their skills in a work placement for at least six months. This project if funded will take place from the June 2012.
The beneficiaries are becoming better prepared people with experience to compete favourably in the job market. They will also learn new skills and get certificates for various training programmes that is part of the project delivery.
For more information call us on 07939199668 or email us on info@ics-uk.org

Job Shop Project

More and more people from ethnic minority communities are under-represented in the job market. The aim of this project is to offer tailor-made support for the people from the target community to help them get into employment through job-search, cv writing, filling of application forms and interview skills training.
This is important because if one community feels left out in the job market the issue of discrimination may arise and therefore bring social disharmony and tension.
The project provides employment support to members of the ethnic minority background through CV writing, Job-search, interview skills, job application, training and placement support for unemployed people looking for placements in orded to enrol for NVQ courses.
We aim to get more people from ethnic minority communities to get into employment or training.
This will improved living standards for the community and ultimately lead to a happier and better intergrated society.
For more information call us on 07939199668 or email us on info@ics-uk.org
Disability Awareness Project Africa
There is alot of myths associated with disability in Africa and many people associate disability with witchcraft and in some cases disabled children are killed to get rid of the ‘curse’.
The aim of this project is to bring awareness about disability in Africa through different awareness programmes as well as establishing a training centre for children and young people where they can go to school and learn without unnecessary fear or discrimination.
The Project carries out a number of awareness programmes through media and out-reach activities in order to change the perception of disability among local people in Africa.
The project also aims to establish a specialist school for young disabled persons to train them in different career skills as well as literacy and numeracy.
The end result will be better informed communities on disability through our campaign programmes.
This will improve the living standards of the disabled people and families through training and business start-up support, which will help the disabled people to live to their full potential.
For more information call us on 07939199668 or email us on info@ics-uk.org

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