Leadership/Managing People Through Change

24th Nov – 5th Dec 2014

LOCATION:    Dubai

DURATION:    2 weeks

FEES:    £3,950.00

We know from experience that changing organisation behaviour is hard to achieve. Around 75% of organisational change programmes fail because attitudes and behaviours remain the same.
This highly interactive programme will show you, through models and practical exercises, how to develop your capacity to influence others. Learning from your own and other people’s experience, you will gain insights into the ways your thinking and behaviour impact on people and organisation performance. The programme will enable you to become an agent of change by moving from a power to a service model of leadership. It will guide you in ways of empowering your team to contribute more and make change effective.
Many of today’s leaders are faced with a wide range of challenging and complex issues; they need to have a blend of knowledge, skills and tools to assist them in ensuring their organisation is equipped to achieve their objectives and outcomes successfully.
Also today’s leaders now need to be much more proactive and aware of global implications, culture and the need to continuously reflect on their critical role. Therefore, leaders need to be more astute in how they lead their organisation. Leaders need to be aware of what is occurring in their sector and able to benchmark against their competitors as well as ensuring that they are leading by example.
Working in a highly volatile world brings new challenges and a need for up to date skills to stay at the forefront in this ever changing world of leadership is critical.
This high-level practical programme for leaders will encourage individuals to explore their own personal development as well as offering a supportive peer-learning environment with small group discussions as well as a range of leadership models to explore. Being a leader is a very difficult role in the current climate and the need to succeed in this role has now become more of a focus point for many organisations. The programme will give you the opportunity to explore many key aspects of being a leader.
• Explore the global concept of leadership and why this is now such a critical area to
• Understand why the business strategy and outcomes are critical to success for any
• Make sure that your vision for the organisation becomes reality and that staff at all levels
are aware and working towards this vision.
• Develop your role as a leader in challenging times, exploring a range of leadership models
that will assist with your leadership style and thinking for the future.
• Drive change throughout the organisation effectively as a modern leader.
• Make use of appropriate communication through the organisation in your role as the leader
• Recognise the need for effective people and performance management in the organisation
• Focus on building or refining the culture of the organisation
• Identify your style of learning from experience and recognise the value of diverse, multi-cultural teams containing people who think in different ways
• Develop leadership skills by hosting conversations that influence and motivate people to perform and change
• Influence attitudes by listening, using emotional intelligence, disclosing, giving and receiving feedback, and building trust, confidence and self esteem
• Diagnose your organisation culture and its influence on attitudes and commitment
• Recognise blame culture and ways to get out of it using inquiry skills
• Use feedback from staff, stakeholders and customers to create shared understanding
• Understand personal change using the transition curve
BENEFIT OF ATTENDING – You will be able to:
• Develop leadership skills and techniques to help you introduce sustainable changes to the
behaviour of people at work
• Understand your organisation’s systems and identify and tackle root causes of negative
attitudes at work
• Develop greater awareness of organisational behaviour and enhance your capacity to
resolve conflict and improve interpersonal relationships
• Better understand your personal workplace experiences and become a more effective leader
through the empathetic support of other participants
• Realise some of the key challenges for the future for you as Leader as well as for your
• Reflect and create your own leadership development plan
• Plan for the future for your organisation by using a range of tools from the leadership
• Network with other senior peers with a view to building and sharing knowledge and skills
with others on the programme
• Recognise that all people in the organisation have key roles to play and that staff and their
performance needs to be managed appropriately

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