A look back at our past events

We started back in 2004 as a media and advocacy charity when we used to produce The Diaspora News.
As the social media took the centre stage and became the source of information and advocacy, we started empowering our people through training.
Now many people are out of work and we need to find the jobs and thus the reason why we are more than ever working with our partners to create jobs for our community.
Join the team and make the difference.
email us on info@acs-uk.org.
Health Promotion Road show in 2008 delivered in partnership with local NHS was a big success and a lot of people got first hand info about health care services in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham.
As the health inequality is becoming bigger and bigger each day according to the new government figures, our aim at ACS-UK is to step up and provide the community healthcare service that is fit for purpose and that can help bridge the increasing gap.
visit our new healthcare website on www.dcphealthcare.co.uk and see what we are doing to promote healthcare among our local communities.
Join the team. Email us on info@acs-uk.org

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