Welcome to our first issue of our quarterly newsletter that aims to feature our recent events, past and ongoing projects as well as our forth coming projects and events.
In this issue we have exciting news about our recent nomination and eventual short listing or our organization for this year’s Lloyds TSB enterprise awards in the east.
Also as our first issue of its kind you will have an opportunity to meet the team behind
The ACS-UK whose dedication and commitment has kept the organization moving forward despite the challenging economic times of charitable organizations in the UK and across the globe in general.
In this issue, we also feature the re- cent launch of our award winning
ACS-UK health care project and how the project intends to revolutionize the way care is provided to the most marginalized communities in the UK.
Again being the first newsletter of its kind, it will be a missed opportunity for us not to talk about the history of ACS-UK, its values, vision and mission for its local community.
Also in this issue we will catalogue all the projects we run and an opportunity to thank our supporters in these programmes.
You will agree with me that the publication will be incomplete if we do not feature some of our success stories in supporting local communities in improving their standard of living.
Finally we have a collection of ACS-UK pictures depicting our journey so far
If you would like send your views about our newsletter or you would like to comment on any of our featured articles please email us on info@acs-uk.org

DCP Healthcare gets cash boost for Marketing

ACS-UK healthcare project—the Haberdashers business ward winner 2012 and this years Lloyds TSB Enterprise Award nominee has received a £10,000 cash boost from Llangattock Charitable Trust to help with marketing and implementation of its business plan.
ACS-UK Business Development Manager Ms Marion Wambui said: “this is fantastic news for our team who have been working tirelessly with our OLMEC partners to put the business plan in place.”
‘We want to express our sincere thanks to the Llangattock Charitable Trust Management board for the kind donation.‘ she said.
The money will be used to pay for website development, and production of other marketing instruments such as marketing pack , business cards and recruitment packs of care staff.

Diaspora moves to new ‘state of the art’ offices in Barking

After a long wait of looking for a suitable premises to cater for our ever in- creasing need for bigger training space and spacious offices, ACS-UK finally was able to locate a place in Thames View estate in Barking .
The place is not only endowed with a large parking space but has also within the building large training rooms which can accommodate up to 50 learners in one room.
ACS-UK training Manager said: The place is just what we wanted at such a critical time of ACS-UK development and we hope the rent issue which is much higher as expected will not be a deterrent in our vision to establish a permanent base for our organization.
The currently run by the supply Chain DHL boasts of two large conference rooms for workshops and numerous other small rooms for smaller classes.

DCP Healthcare grand opening ceremony

The ACS-UK officially launched its ACS-UK healthcare Project on the 14th September 2012 .
The event was held at the Dagenham & Redbridge Football club.
The launching ceremony was the culmination of a six month preparation leading to the Care Quality Com- mission license for providing care services in England and Wales.
Among the invited guests were Cllr Milton Mackenzie MBE , the then outgoing His worship the Mayor of Barking & Dagenham, Other local Councillors invited included Lead Member of Health & Adult services Select Committee and NHS Equalities Lead Cllr Sanchia Alasia and Cllr Eliz- abeth Kang’ethe.
Other organizations represented at the event were DABD, SCOPE, Empower2 Excel and Widows and Orphans.
Special guest speakers included Mei Yui- a business Consultant from OL- MEC who helped ACS-UK to put together the business plan for their award winning project and James
Obasanya of Barking Disability Resource Centre who represented the service users.
The Chief Guest at the event Milton Mackenzie comment- ed the work of Diaspora in supporting the marginalized communities in the borough.
He said: “ I came to know the good work of Diaspora back in 2005– 2008 when they used to run a community magazine called the Diaspora News and I have since then become a great supporter of the organization.”

DCP HealthCare Recipient of Haberdashers Award 2012 !

Barely a week after the ACS-UK Health care project was launched, the project has received an award for its innovativeness in the business model.
The Project Director Thomas Musau was among the tens of recipients of the coverted award at a reception at the Haberdashers headquaters in Holborn, London, on 19th September 2012 where he was given a certificate and a cheque of £1,500 by the president of the Haberdashers Company.
The project that is based on personalisation and healthcare equality was praised for the ‘unique market target’ and simplicity of applying the ‘personalisation agenda in practice’.
The award money will be used to market the project within the target community and in particular in forging partnerships with individual community groups who will help make the project a reality.
For more information, please email info@diasporacp.org

News -Relating to our Projects

The ACS-UK Community Projects receives CQC Licence.

In July last year our organisation was awarded the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Licence to undertake Community Care programmes supplying agency and volunteer staff to the local community.
The team was overjoyed after a six months period of preparations preceeding the CQC approval visit and acelebration party was organised to take place at the same during the Launch ceremony couple on months after .
Among the invitees to the launch party were local people who were then and previousbeneficiaries of our services such as training and employment programmes.
We also invited local leaders including councillors and our training partners as well.
Speaker and speaker praised our organisation for the good work in the community particularly supporting unemployed people into work.
Soon after the launch the team started to recruit and training of staff and now the first staff to be recruites are are now ready to start work.


Delighted staff
LEFT: The training and employment project has previously captured the attention of the local newspaper after we were nominated for the Local Business Awards following our very successful work in providing training opportunities to local marginalised communities through their established community groups. The story was featured in Barking & Dagenham Post April 2010.

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