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My name is Matilda Ammah, and this is my story

I graduated from university with bachelors degree in Performing arts and community development in 2007. After volunteering endlessly in arts related organizations to help get my dream job, I eventually gave up and resigned to the destiny of working in a pub as a part-time bar assistant.
While working as a bar assistant, I was sent to ACS-UK for health and safety training by my boss.
Little did I know that this was going to change my life for ever.
After the days training I picked up a leaflet at the reception with a list of all courses Diaspora was offering at the time.
One my way home as I went through the leaflet Teaching assistant course attracted my attention. Since my school days I always liked working with young people and I thought a teaching related career would be ideal for me. What even struck me more was the ’peanuts’ they were charging me for the training as well as help get a work placement for my experience.
Excited about the whole thing, I picked the phone and the first thing I wanted to confirm was how soon I could start the training.
My call was picked up by a lady and I was passed on to speak to the train- ing Manager.
The 15 minutes call was enough to convince me to book an appointment to go an enroll for the teaching assistant course.
My training was one to one once a week over five weeks and one more day to arrange for my work place- ment which was promptly arranged by the training manager.
After I got my qualification I contin- ued with my volunteer work until got my current job which ACS-UK helped me to get through their free employment support project.

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